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Art For China Foundation – Non-profital Organisation

AM Art Exchange Foundation

AM Art Exchange Foundation is committed to providing financially underprivileged children everywhere with an equal opportunity to study and explore art at an early age. We are a nonprofit organization that uses innovative and engaging tactics to improve the lives of these children.

Our mission

We believe that art education is one of the keys to enhance the lives of economically disadvantaged children. Furthermore, we feel it is important that children who may be talented in art have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills at an early age. Hence AM Art Exchange Foundation focuses on providing these children an equal opportunity – which includes providing art supplies, textbooks, teachers, and trips, in an art school environment – to pursue educational advancement as well as their own colorful dreams.




What We Do

We help the poor areas everywhere to raise enough funds for art educational projects

• Building and managing art schools and art activity centers

• Supporting and improving the art programs in local schools

• Sending volunteer art teachers to the schools we build, as well as the existing local schools

• Providing art supplies

• Supporting individual children with scholarships and opportunities to visit museums (both national and international)

• Creating after school activities to focus on individual interests

• Establishing art summer camps

Our Focus

We currently have out focus on children everywhere, who live in impoverished conditions. In both suburban and village areas, these children are not able to enjoy any (notable) art education programs.
Children, from the suburbs everywhere, are exposed to breath-taking landscapes – they may be very inspired by who they are, and where they are from. It is essential that they are provided with the same opportunities to experience art, that children living in the cities are.

2019 @ AM Art Exchange Foundation

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